More about Leader Circles


Facing the challenges of managing people, coming up with an amazing business strategy, or building entrepreneurial skills is never easy. While we might wish we could take some formal management training, often there is neither the time nor the budget to take a workshop, let alone a whole series. The same is true for executive coaching. It can certainly make a big difference but it is a significant investment in both time and money.

Even for companies that have the budget and the time, sometimes a little help is all that is needed. In some cases, a chance to take time out to really consider the issue is all it takes to come up with a great solution. On other occasions a little advice and inspiration can mean the difference between making progress and feeling overwhelmed.

Leader Circles are designed to provide busy managers a local networking event where they can take time out to think about how to overcome challenges, network with other leaders, share what has worked for them, and celebrate success.