Are you struggling to recruit the right people?
Are your customers leaving?
Don’t have a good strategic plan?
Communication is breaking down?

You are not alone.

Join a Leader Circle and get the help you need, just when you need it, in bite size pieces you have time to digest.

How it Works

1. Find an event near you.

2. Bring along a problem you are facing.

3. Collaborate with other leaders and three business coaches to create real world solutions.

Who Would Benefit? Directors, Executives and Managers with 5 or more staff who would like to attend an event where they can …

Create Practical Solutions

Leader Circles share what works not theories. At a Leader Circle you will meet other leaders and managers that can share their knowledge to help you create real world solutions you can take away with you and implement in your business.

Build a Network

Leader Circles enable you to build a network of other leaders who are focused on discussing business & leadership issues as well as problem solving.

Get Support

Leader Circles provide support from professional business coaches who will facilitate the Circle events. Each Leader Circle event will have a specific management topic or an open forum topic. All events also include “clinic time” where participants can get help with a specific issue.

A Safe, Open Network

It's said that your business is only as good as your network, which is why managers are always advised to network, network, network.

Unfortunately, many networking events don’t really give people enough time to build connections, and worse, at some of them the delegates are just focused on selling you things.

Leader Circles are designed to give you time to really get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and managers.

Whatever you choose to share with other participants is treated with respect and absolute confidentiality. Creating a safe and open network where you can ask for advice, celebrate success or commiserate over challenges.

Rob Explains…

Theresa Says…

What people are saying…

Got people talking. Topic generated by group made it personal for attendees.

Heather Williams Training Consultant at PETA Ltd

…We liked your approach but the time was quite short. I would love to attend a full day workshop with LeaderCircles and bounce off more ideas with peers.

Sonal & Yogesh Agarwal Directors, Right Cue Consulting Services Limited,

Great to kick-start networking events

Harold Yuno Media and

Wish there was more time.

John Burke Detect fire and Security,

Good format, I can see this working with more time.

Rob Grover Founder, Yuno Media and

Great concept. Good to network in a relaxed environment with a high variety of companies.

Theresa Harvey Administrator, Management and General Training,

Tony Sheridan

Tony Sheridan
Co-creator Leader Circles


Morya Short
Co-creator Leader Circles

Rob Hoblin

Rob Hoblin
Co-creator Leader Circles

Steph Thommen
Co-creator Leader Circles

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